[OSGeoLive] Java3D Installation in MacOS

barth.r.c.er at gmail.com barth.r.c.er at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 08:29:08 PST 2024

Hi, I recently installed GPSPrune and found out, Java3D is not pre-installed. So I was downloading it from Oracle. Following the instructions to install it I failed. Can you please let me know in which directory GPSPrune is expacting Java3D to be installed? I guess it is the default JRE directory. But how to find out and how to copy files there if permission is not given? I checked the default folder which should be under the JDK default folder which I don‘t have ?-)
I am using MacOS in Version 14.2.1 in a M1 Silicon Chip MacBook Pro and Java JRE 8.
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