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Hi Frank,
    Indeed it is a great leap. But I'm glad that there's hope of doing that in the future. I also agree that for OSGeo is probably more suited to a supporting role with regards to projects such as that of Geoconnections.


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A couple things I would note.

  o If there is going to be contractual obligations, as there likely would
    with something like a Geoconnections application, I think the OSGeo
    board would need to be involved.  It would be difficult to treat it
    strictly as a local chapter activity.

  o OSGeo is pretty thin on project management capability.  It really seems
    like some of what you are thinking of might be better done in conjunction
    with organizations better organized to handle government proposals and
    contracting.  That said, I think that Geoconnections proposals often
    include a variety of organizations in supporting roles.  OSGeo might well
    be involved, and support a proposal even if it is hard for us to be the
    prime contractor.

Dave Sampson and OGUG have a history of doing projects, such as preparing
the local sample dataset for GRASS.  This is great, and there is no reason
this can't continue in the new local chapter of OSGeo.  But it is a big leap
from that sort of local volunteer effort by a few people to contractual
arrangements, or bigger projects.  I'm just not sure that these more complex
projects ought to be a focus of the local chapter - at least for now.

Just my opinion of course.

Best regards,
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