August Meeting

Sampson, David dsampson at
Wed Aug 9 10:10:33 EDT 2006

Hey Folks,

For those that are new to list I would like to extend a warm welcome to
those who attended out July Meeting and those who were on the previous
Mapserver mailing list.

For all, I wanted to remind you that the user list
users at is here for your use. Feel free to start or
contribute to discussion related to open source GIS and related subject

As for our August meeting there has been a change in the date. The new
date for the meeting will be Thursday August 31, 6:00pm at the Fox and
Feather (pending confirmed reservation)

And the proposed Itinerary would be:
A.	(Collabnet site)
B. (Wiki)
C. mailto:users at (mailing List)

Topics of Discussion
1. Determine responsible (co)Officer(s) for Ottawa OSGEO 
2. Agree and pass mission statement and objectives 
3. Agree and pass motion to the OSGEO board (or move to start working on
it for acceptance in September) 

4. Presentation 1 (Mike Adair: Mapbuilder) 
5. Presentation 2 (Franks presentation)

6. Propose September Meeting Topics / Date
7. Beer and Conversation

This is a proposed Itineary. If I missed ahything large, please let me
know... if it is a minor addition perhaps we can add it to Septembers

Thanks for you interest in Ottawa OSGEO


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