(review) tonights Itineary

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Thu Aug 31 15:08:41 EDT 2006

Just a reminder

And the proposed Itinerary would be: 
	A. https://ottawa.osgeo.org/
(Collabnet site) 
	B. http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Ottawa_Chapter	(Wiki) 
	C. mailto:users at ottawa.osgeo.org
(mailing List) 

	Topics of Discussion 
	1. Determine responsible (co)Officer(s) for Ottawa OSGEO 
	2. Agree and pass mission statement and objectives 
	3. Agree and pass motion to the OSGEO board (or move to start
working on it for acceptance in September) 

	4. Presentation 1 (Mike Adair: Mapbuilder) 
	5. Presentation 2 (Franks presentation) 

	6. Propose September Meeting Topics / Date 
	7. Working group on PGL in ottawa. (
		- Current version:
		- Canadian Mailing List:
	7. Beer and Conversation 

No one has sugested any changes (I don't think). The only thing I added
is about the PGL stuff

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