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Sampson, David dsampson at
Fri Jul 21 11:39:37 EDT 2006

Hey Folks,

I thought I'd spread the word and hopefully others can spread through
their own networks.  The OGUG mailing list is down so please help pass
this around to GRASS users too.

The Ottawa Chapter of OSGEO is in the "fomration" phase, however we can
now start using some of the resources provided by OSGEO. Thanks to Frank
W for getting this part started.


The Mailing List:

The Wiki:

I hope to see you in the list soon. I will batch load users when the
OGUG server gets back up. But in the mean time we'll get people moving

I am looking for people who might want to help with the web content of
the OSGEO page. Submissions are made via HTML documents through SVN
commits... if you want commit priviledges let me know... and I'll learn
how to give them to you.

I have included you (obviously) and some others in the mailing list. To
let others know you've made it to the list drop a line.

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