[GRASS-dev] Project Steering Committee PROCEDURE

Sampson, David dsampson at NRCan.gc.ca
Thu Jul 27 09:43:16 EDT 2006


Final cross post


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Do we really need to vote on this? I know for a fact that all the
nominated PSC people are already subscribed to the Users' list. If we're
looking for more feedback, I think there are more subscribers on the
users' list than on the dev list...maybe Markus can confirm?

Regardless, "+1"  to move the discussion to the users' list.

~ Eric.

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I am thinking that now that we have had input from all the multiple
lists and people recognize movement forward on the PSC I propose that
further PSC discussion continue on the grassusers at grass.itc.it
<mailto:grassusers at grass.itc.it>  mailing list.
This will make it easier for nominations (as I am finding is complicated
when cross posting)
This will also leave the developers alone to get our next release out
(good work folks)
This will also hopefully see some more nominated individuals from the
user pool
This will also leave the folks at Ottawa_OSGEO alone that are not
interested in GRASS PSC
so in conclusion:
I am looking for 10 +1's to support moving forward on keeping this
discussion going on the USER mailing list ONLY and assume that anyone
interested from the other lists are already on the USERS list OR will
add themselves....
If I get 10 -1's from a particular list then I will continue cross
posting to that list
If I get more of either then the winner will prevail of course.
If I get less of either then I will look into the glass ball for
Time period? we'll see. soone ther better
Cast thy votes.


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