[OTT_OSGEO] Mission Statement

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jul 31 09:44:22 EDT 2006

Sampson, David wrote:
> Frank,
> Thanks for hammering out the mission statement a bit. I propose we start
> with this statement as a working mission statement and then once our
> membership grows a bit and meetings and activities are regular fare we
> re-visit the mission statement and tweak it as the time goes on.
> Shall we keep it posted, and have open dicussion until our next meeting.
> Then open the table to a discussion and approval process at our next
> meeting.


Yes, I think we can leave it open for discussion on the list and at the
meeting, and then approve it there.

By the way, when did we decide the next meeting is?  And why isn't it
in the wiki page!  I think the more important task for the chapter
web/wiki page is making clear when, where and topics for the next

I think it may have been Thursday the 24th of August.  Unfortunately,
I have discovered my wife booked me for something else that night, so
I won't be able to make it down.  So I won't be able to do my presentation
on projections.  I could do it at a later meeting if there is interest.

> Is there a sample "movement to the board" that we can use for our
> proposed chapter to the OSGEO board?

When the time comes I would be willing to prepare the motion to the board.
An example motion forming a committee can be found at:


Basically, it will be derived from the mission and possibly objectives.
It should also include an initial executive (a "chair" or chapter president
would be sufficient).

One thing we might want to address is how we handle membership.  We
could formally maintain a distinct membership list, or say that all
members need to join OSGeo as regular members and identify themselves
as local members or perhaps most easily we can just say that anyone
subscribed to the users at ottawa.osgeo.org mailing list is considered a
member (for voting or other purposes) and that members are encouraged
to join OSGeo as members.  The nice thing about using the mailing list
is that it is low overhead - no hassles maintaining a local membership

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