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Hi David and all,
I don't have a specific project planned as of yet. I was just curious what types of projects OSGEO can support or be associated with seeing that most projects in the OSGEO websites are software development related. As primarily a user of open geospatial software I wanted to know how OSGEO plans to support "management" (or applications) type projects.
  An example of a management project could probabely be projects that can be supported by Geoconnections (geoconnections.org) funding. Can a member affiliate himself with OSGEO and apply for funding? Of course, OSGEO supported software will have to be used to produce the products. For example, use GRASS to analyze remote sensing and other geospatial data and use Mapserver to present results (products) over the internet.
   Another question is whether projects need to be located locally, or projects can be anywhere else as long as there's a local Ottawa member involved with the project?



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I think here we have two (2) types of projects. Either a software
project or a management project. This is a fantastic question that needs
some hashing out.

I think the funding you'd be seeking would be for a management type

In previous e-mails when we refer to an OSGEO project, we refer to the
software project such as mapserver, GRASS, OSSIM, Mapbuilder etc etc

I guess some questions would be...
1. What OSGEO software would be in use.
2. How the project would benefit OSGEO as a whole or one of its
associated (software) projects.
3. Will the project employ open and interoperable standards
4. `

I suppose that funding can also be sought for software development
projects. This is another interesting avenue in which case
1. Is it development for a pre-existing OSGEO accepted project
2. Is it a new software project? How will is become an OSGEO backed

I'd be interested myself to know how (management) projects from the
local chapter can benefit from OSGEO association. I am sure that a
proposal of sorts woould have to be submitted to OSGEO board.

Perhaps someone with some more OSGEO exposure can teach the rest of us a
bit more.

In the mean time would you be able to expand some of the ideas you have,
without giving it all away.

This would allow others to add some of their own cents to the topic.


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