[Ottawa_users] Dec and Jan meetings

Philippe Vachon philippe at cowpig.ca
Thu Dec 13 15:12:21 EST 2007

I agree, last night went very well. Scott's GRASS tutorial was
great (and my colleague from PCI who came along enjoyed it). Attendance
was fairly good, though I suppose people trickled in gradually in the
first hour. Perhaps we could arrange for more such tutorials -- I'd be
interested in putting together something on raster processing in GDAL,

Congrats to the members of team QGIS who had left before we learned who
had won. Our team was called "Sparkle Star," though don't ask how that
became our team name. :-)

As far as the next meeting, for me I believe Jan. 3 is the best, as
classes will not have started at that point, though I'm fine for the
10th as well.


On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 08:29:32AM -0500, Scott Mitchell wrote:
> Greetings,
> I think last night went well - there were at least 10 participants at  
> the workshop that I can picture in my head now (forgot to count), a  
> few of which had to leave before the social part of the event.  My  
> tutorial proved to be a bit long for everyone to go through all of  
> it, but I was aiming to err on that side rather than too short.  It  
> was "hot off the presses" and needs some continued work, but a link  
> to the "0.8 version" I handed out last night is on the wiki now if  
> anyone wants it.  I had examples of and pointers to other tutorials  
> on hand, as well as several relevant books, including the "new GRASS  
> book".
> The discussion at Mike's Place afterwards was fun, and I'm proud to  
> report that in the trivia contest that was run soon after we got  
> there, "team QGIS" won first prize, and our other OSGEO team (I  
> forget the name, but it could be called "team PCI" based on its  
> membership) took second.  So it's proof - put together geographers  
> and IT/Comp Sci types and we'll rule the world.  Or at least win a  
> free pitcher and some ball caps!  Sylvie and Regie, I have your prize  
> caps. :)
> At least 4 of the people there were "first time attendees", and one  
> person was asking about the next meeting.  So before I forget about  
> that, perhaps we should get the ball rolling.  Do we have any  
> presentations waiting in the wings?  Is Jan 3 to soon after the  
> holidays?  I'm free Jan 3 and Jan 10 and have no real opinion on  
> either date.
> Scott
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