[Ottawa_users] Workshop and next meeting

Dave Sampson samper.d at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 14:05:54 EST 2007

Hey folks,

I'm glad the tutorial was a success (of course). Thanks to Scott and
Phil for getting stuff up and going (and anyone else who helped with
logistics I am not aware of).

I have no opinion on the time for the next meeting and much will depend
on my recovery, which is going fine.

I am wondering if our next meeting could be an organization and
logistics based meeting for some of this years up coming events. Maybe a
chance for us to compile a list of what activities we will be attending
and what has to happen for us to attend.

Also maybe get some movement on the code-blitz idea and the event that
we talked about as a local event during FOSS4G 2008.

perhaps as such someone might want to deliver a 10-15 minute  chat /
inspiration / visioning type discussion to start off the meeting and
then we split into groups and come back to share ideas thoughts and such
about what ever event we'll brainstorm about.

Kinda like building the pseudo code of an event if you will.

As for other events check out my next thread.


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