[Ottawa_users] libceos -- a half-baked CEOS Level 0 reader that doesn't deserve the prefix "lib" (yet)

Philippe Vachon philippe at cowpig.ca
Wed Jan 17 11:04:15 EST 2007

Hi all.

For those of you who were at the previous informal meeting, I had
mentioned this, but hadn't gotten around to posting it. Behold the first
(of many) release of libceos. Libceos will eventually be a library
designed to make reading CEOS image data easy... sorta'. Right now it
doesn't deserve the prefix lib-, since my project that uses it links
directly against the object files generated. Think of this as an alpha
release I suppose.

Right now things are largely tailored for RADARSAT Level 0 data.
However, the functionality exists to parse most types of metadata as it
stands -- and I've been working towards modularizing the actual parsing
functionality, but this is a long ways from being perfect.

I am in need of sample products from other sources that use CEOS data,
as well as higher-level CEOS products from RADARSAT, since all I have is
Level 0 data. If you know where I can get sample products, preferably
without breaking the bank, PLEASE let me know!

It is worth noting that libceos is not designed for interactive systems
(though I have found it does just fine for such systems, provided you
have enough memory). Rather, it is designed to work as a part of a SAR
processor, where most signal data should be kept in memory for
performance reasons.

Libceos can be found at http://www.cowpig.ca/libceos/, with the latest
snapshots being found in http://www.cowpig.ca/libceos/dist/.


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