[Ottawa_users] Slightly OT: OSBC follow up

Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
Sat Jan 12 14:49:22 EST 2008

Hi Everyone,
Just a follow up note that Open Source Boot Camp (OSBC) was a success. OSBC
covers foundation skills and concepts with open source software that aren't
taught elsewhere. We got a good turnout (75 people), and most stayed until
the bitter end. We still had about 30 people hanging around after things
wrapped up so it seems our suspicion that the OSBC content would be in
demand is correct. The feedback so far was quite positive so we're going to
do it again.
OSBC2 is scheduled for February 28th, 4pm - 7pm at Carleton University. I
still have room for a few speakers for OSBC2. If you're interested in doing
a short talk on something related to open source, please contact me
off-list. I have suggested talks too if there are folks who want to talk but
aren't sure what to talk about... just email me if you're interested.
Also worth mentioning, OSBC6 planned for June will cover open source
geospatial software. I was hoping that some of you might be willing to come
and talk about/demo Grass, Mapserver, Openlayers, GDAL/OGR, etc. Talks are
short and sweet... 17 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A unless you arrange otherwise.
If you're available and would like to help out I would really appreciate it.
Please contact me off-list.
Thanks in advance,


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