[Ottawa_users] geospatial bootcamp - osbootcamp6 - June 2008

Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
Mon Mar 17 11:40:06 EDT 2008

Thanks for the feedback items Frank. They'll be updated soon along with
adding the mailing list. For some reason your email about the mailing list
got buried and I just found it a few moments ago. 

I'll once these items and a few others are tidied up, we'll send out an
email to the announce email address (as per Dave's email).

Does anyone have any good suggestions regarding tracking the
speakers/schedule for this event?

Thank you,


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Andrew Ross wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Follow up on this:
> osbootcamp's event page is up:
> http://www.osbootcamp.org/osbootcamp6.html
> This event will take place the week of Geotec on Monday & Tuesday.
> We'll be adding more to it as the event planning completes.
> If anyone is interested in speaking, or helping with the event, please 
> contact me.


A few notes on: http://www.osbootcamp.org/osbootcamp6.html

  * "Goespatial" should be Geospatial (title)

  * "This evening will be a two day event..." should likely just be
    "This will be a two day event..."

  * Under registration it is suggested to join the mailing list, but there
    is no pointer to the mailing list.

  * It's a bit annoying that the css (I assume) is preventing links from
    showing.  I find myself waving my mouse over everything trying to
    what is a link.

I'm adding an OSGeo event link to this page now.

Best regards,
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