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Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
Sat May 10 15:45:02 EDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
Please forgive the cross post to lists that might be interested in these
Just an update to share details of the summer bootcamp events.
bootcamp5 - Relational Database Management Systems
bootcamp5, covering relational database management systems (RBDMSs), will
include speakers from the Ingres and PostgreSQL worlds. These are two
outstanding database management systems and compete with the industry
leaders. Come hear John Smedley and Rob Bernier talk about Ingres and
PostgreSQL respectively. John is a very entertaining speaker and traveling
from the UK to speak. Both have considerable experience and will provide
valuable insights. If you work in IT, plan to, or simply are curious, you
won't want to miss this bootcamp.
bootcamp6 - geospatial software
The main event for this year, bootcamp6 is coming along nicely. osbootcamp6
(also known as geocamp2008) covers geospatial software. We have an
outstanding lineup of world experts speaking at this event. The industry is
a growing and exciting industry. If you've used one of the online mapping
tools and thought it was cool, you won't want to miss this bootcamp.
Geospatial technology is being merged into all sorts of IT so even if you're
not sure, come hear how geospatial technology fits in with business
intelligence and other enterprise applications. There will be heavy industry
participation at this event and you won't want to miss it.
For bootcamp6, it is a special, 2 day event. We have a draft schedule that
the team is reviewing before we lock it in. We'll post it very soon. We do
have a few vacancies in case any stragglers would like to present.
Call for helping hands
Bootcamp has been a huge success and that brings good problems to have. To
help grow, we're looking for a few volunteers to do things like help with
the wiki & web site, wave remaining time gestures to the speakers, help
coordinate the hang-out rooms, and do some gopher work during the event.
Volunteering will be rewarded with perks. :-)
If you're interested in speaking, or volunteering, please contact me off
list. (or on list if you prefer)
For more information, please see http://osbootcamp.org
Thank you,

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