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Sampson, David David.Sampson at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
Fri Jul 24 14:13:51 EDT 2009

I was part of a group that set it up for internal testing...  ordered
the whole install kit and DVD.
Slick packaging and had it up and going in an afternoon. Took several
more days to tweak and configure.
I have also connected to GeoNetowkr servers using a simple client I
built in qgis...
If you are interested in strict adherence to OGC standards, eg CSW, look
a little deeper. I have seen sokme name spaces messed up, but that could
be becasue people were pointing thier Arc IMS servers and messing up the
name spaces in the XML requests and responses.
Pretty solid product developed with funding by UN I believe.
maybe we could do a hands on workshop and give everyone a chance to
check it out...


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	Lesley is looking for input from anyone experienced with
GeoNetwork (but an email glitch blocked his post):

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		Hello all

		Have any of you used GeoNetwork to organize geospatial
data or utilized a site that uses it ?  Have you any comments about ease
of setup, cataloguing, data upload/download and the query tools ? 

		Best regards


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