[Ottawa_users] OpenData Hackfest in Ottawa - Nov. 4 City Hall

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You may already be aware of this link, but it looks useful: http://bit.ly/gAB2tj I found it in twitter land: timoreilly Tim O'Reilly  by varunbakerIf you know of tools that are useful to people working with open data, add them to this wiki: http://bit.ly/gAB2tj
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Subject: [Ottawa_users] OpenData Hackfest in Ottawa - Nov. 4 City Hall

In Ottawa it is at City Hall - December 4th between 1pm and 5pm at City Hall! Register here!

There is usually a good turn-out of iphone app developers at these events and lots of new media designers working with maps, but, alas, I have seen none of the gis profs nor any of the geomaticians from the private sector at these events apart from the odd person from the Feds.  You will also get to meet some of the folks who will be submitting to the Apps4Ottawa contest (http://apps4ottawa.ca/) which is still open by the way!  50k in prize $s available.

If anything, it is worth a visit to see what is being developed and what is hot, and to network.  Even better if you have an app, that is not for a phone to present or something using some really interesting datasets.  

This event is part of the International Open Data Hackathon http://www.opendataday.org/.

Tracey P. Lauriault

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