[Ottawa_users] Meeting for the Month of March

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Fri Mar 5 13:24:46 EST 2010

Thanks for the info phil.

Still in ski mode for another week or two so not able to make it this month.

I will be thawed out in time for the april meeting I hope.

Have fun.

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Hello folks,

Spring is rapidly approaching, the days are getting longer and, yes, it is indeed March. If I do my math correctly, that means we're due for a chapter meeting!

So, is there any interest for a meeting sometime next week or the week after? I know last meeting was on a Tuesday, which might have been inconvenient for some people, so is there a better day for people to show up (back to our regularly scheduled Thursdays, perhaps)?

I'd propose next Thursday, March 11th, but that date is open for discussion, of course. Same time (6PM), same place (Fox and Feather). We could even push it back a week, if that works better.

Anyone interested in making a presentation? Volunteers (or the "voluntold") are appreciated, as always.

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