[Ottawa_users] looking for compile help with QGIS / ORFEO

Scott W Mitchell Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca
Fri Nov 5 13:08:22 EDT 2010

I have a student who would like to do a project using the ORFEO plug-in to QGIS[1].  It requires re-compiling QGIS to use a static GDAL, and it also only comes as source.  The web site gives relevant compile flags for MSVC.

We don't currently have MS VC and friends installed in our labs, and I'm much more familiar with gcc etc.  I could try getting the MS compilers installed and compiling this for my student, but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who is already appropriately equipped who might be willing to build us binaries of QGIS with this plugin.  It would be for a Win XP machine, so 32 bit.  

Any takers / suggestions?



Oh, the plug-in and associated project are at:
[1] http://wiki.orfeo-toolbox.org/index.php/Quantum_GIS_plugins

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