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I was actually playing around with a similar but different idea, using the poll results from 2008 for Ottawa West-Nepean.  Different because I twisted the equations to show the cushion enjoyed by the leading candidate at each poll and coloured the layer accordingly, differentiating between Cons vs non-Cons in computing the cushion.

I produced a KML, so it can be overlaid on Google Earth/Maps to get the street references for orientation purposes.

This was a rough demo so the pop-ups defined are just a quick attribute dump.

1) Convert the poll boundaries available from Elections Canada to the coordinate system used in Google Maps/Earth (EPSG: 4326).  I used ogr2ogr from GDAL to do this.

2) Produce a shapefile joining the poll boundaries to 2008 election results.  This was done in QGIS.

3) Play with colouring and export as KML.  For this I used Shape2Earth (http://shape2earth.com/default.aspx) which is a plugin for the MapWindow GIS (http://www.mapwindow.org/)

The export tools are free but a bit rough and it takes some tinkering.  A copy of the generated KML is here: 

Hope this is useful...

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On 2011.04.29, at 1:46 PM, Amos Hayes wrote:

> Might want to have a look at this. It was developed by a PhD candidate at our lab. Might be re-usable for what you are trying to accomplish. It explores the use of sound to "show" what isn't shown on your typical election map.
> http://gcrc.carleton.ca/cne/proof_of_concepts/elect2004/
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> On 2011-04-29, at 12:09 PM, Julien Lamarche wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> Julien Lamarche from Fair Vote Canada.  I've hung around a bit as
>> OSGEO meetings and some of you know me.  I must apologize for my
>> prolonged absence.
>> If any of you will be compiling election results, I'd love to have a
>> map on "wasted" votes by poll (votes going to a non-winning candidate)
>> in the Ottawa - Gatineau area.  Street lines and rivers would be nice
>> just to situate the polls.
>> Fair Vote Canada's mission is to reform the electoral system to a more
>> proportional system so that more votes count and the legislature
>> better represents canadians in their ethnic and gender diversity.  In
>> the last federal election, 50.7% of all votes did not go to a winning
>> candidate.   More info at fairvote.ca .  I am Vice-president of the
>> Ottawa chapter of FVC.
>> Since its a volunteer project for internal use mostly, you would be
>> free to follow as little or as many requirements as you'd like.
>> Number of ridings (1 to 10), symbology, one map or multiple maps per
>> party, etc..  E-mail me for questions, and I'd be happy to discuss it
>> over phone as well.
>> Julien
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