[Ottawa_users] Next meeting

Andrew Ross grof at rogers.com
Thu Jan 20 14:30:14 EST 2011

I'm teaching on Tuesday nights this term so Thursday works well for me.

For those that didn't hear yet, Ingres cut some programs including my
geospatial organization/project. However, you won't get rid of me that
easily... I'm still going to be involved with OSGeo.

If anyone wants to hear about Ingres geospatial I'd be happy to talk about
it. Obviously I can't speak for the company any more, but we did some good
work which is still available under the GPL license and perhaps some people
might be interested in it.

Also, my local team and I are currently looking for our next roles. If you
might know someone who's interested in versatile technology talent, you can
view our details here: Andrew <http://linkd.in/andrewross>,


On 19 January 2011 10:26, Teresa Baldwin <tnbaldwin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello list,
> My apologies that I have been absent for the past while. I have been
> recovering from laryngitis for most of the year and then been busy
> playing catch up for the rest of it. Should we have a meeting next
> Thursday or is the first Thursday of February better for people?
> Also, any suggestions for presentations would be great.
> Cheers,
> Teresa
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