[Ottawa_users] Open Data Ottawa -- OC Transpo Data Meeting At City Hall June 2, 1-4pm

richard burcher drownedfrog at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 17:37:36 PDT 2012

Just saw this this evening folks, looks really cool.

Have a great weekend folks :)







*Open Data Ottawa Presents*


Come hang out and speak directly with the folks behind the OC Transpo data
stream and those interested in doing wild and awesome things with it.
Bonus: they want to talk to you too!

In fact, they’re hoping for an *unofficlal OC Transpo app showcase* – come
ready to show off your sweet, sweet bus-data visualizations, tools, and
mashups. If you have these, this day is for you.

If you're interested in meeting other data hackers, citizens, app
magicians, or the people at the City and Transpo, you should come.

New to open data? Not sure what you can get out of it? You should come;
we’ll show you how this stuff works and how you can make it work for you,
regardless of your self-perceived technological aptitude. (You’re nerdier
than you know.)

We encourage participation from small businesses, journalists, educators,
students, and massive, overwhelming corporations. Especially those! We’ve
got cool stuff to help all of you save money, do good, and get the most out
of this city.

In conclusion:

   - Transport data
   - Rad people from the City + OC Transpo
   - Delicious, free, life-sustaining caffeine
   - Open Data App Showcase
   - Possible business ventures
   - Good times
   - You

RSVP and we’ll save you a spot.

If you have an app to showcase, please, please, please tell us all about it
ahead of time so we can spread the word about it and make sure you’re
included in the demo showcase, by which we mean you or a surrogate you on a
stage showing off how totally neato your work is.
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