[Ottawa_users] Draft Chapter 2011 Report -- Please review & comment

richard burcher drownedfrog at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 11:59:35 EST 2012

Key Accomplishments:

- Held meetings every 1-2 months depending on member agreement. Average
turnout rate is 10. Higher numbers when presentations scheduled.

- Wide range of discussions surrounding many areas of spatial domain.

- Encourage an "All Welcome" membership. Results in a wide range of
perspectives, ideas & skills.

- GRASS Workshop hosted by Scott Mitchel.

Areas for Improvement:

- Getting volunteers for variety of presentation formats.

- Hosting series of workshops to attract interest from other technical
groups in the area.

- Increase interaction on mailing list.

- Reaching out to potential users of FOSS (e.g. students).

 Opportunities to Help:

- Presentation & workshop ideas.

- Having members volunteer for presentations & other ideas to get off the

 Outlook for 2012:

- New co-chair (Richard Burcher).

- Great discussions from meetings but getting ideas off ground will require
work to be successful.

- Planning to implement quarterly deep dive presentations.

- Engaging with other spatial groups in area.

- Several members have voiced resources available to support groups
activities (e.g. facility space).

 Please add anything you feel I've missed.

I will be submitting this mid-week if no comments are posted or emailed
directly to me.

Thanks all & lets make 2012 the best year yet for our group!

 Have a great weekend.



drownedfrog at gmail.com

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