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Bonjour All,Amended Minutes attached.
Take CareJaved

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Subject: [Ottawa_users] Minutes of the meeting, Apr 25th

Dear fellow members of the Ottawa Chapter of OSGeo, 

Given the number of information and topics that were brought to the table on April 25th, I thought it would make sense to share the minutes of the meeting.

Talks about Open Data Initiative :
The role of GIS experts in the Open Data Initiative and the usability of Open Data.How to provide developers with data that really empower citizens through quality and usability. 
I would like to see if I can get us to connect at 
least once with the open data Ottawa since my experience during Toronto 
Hackathon pointed out a real need for spatial data. Out of 30 presented apps, between 5 and 10 were using geospatial information.
The Ottawa Chapter of OSGeo would like to take part in two events :

Software Freedom Day in September 2013. 
GIS Day in November 2013It means that we need two things :
A place for those two event
Volunteers that would be up for a presentation. Up until know, we have 4 people up for that. (I messed up with my notes, so please feel free to modify that as you want.
Javed : OpticsRegie : Balloon mapping
Richard : Open Street MapMe : PostGIS 2.0 
Other volunteers are welcomed. Regarding the venues, we mentioned a couple of options that I will explore during this month. 

Carleton UniversityOttawa UniversityFind a place in collaboration with the Eclipse FoundationIf anyone can help to make those events happen, I would love to hear from you. More updates next month :).

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