[Ottawa_users] Meeting with Scott about GIS Day and Software Freedom Day

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Bonjour Fabien,
Enclosed TDW Abstract for Software Freedom day 15 Sep 13.
"Detection of subsurface Mineral accumulations
using Remote Sensing Imagery (RSI) interpretation had its beginning in
Macro/Micro Hydrocarbon seeps, Mineral Alteration Studies, Structural and
Lineament Analysis. Hydrocarbon seeps are direct indicators of subsurface
Petroleum accumulations, Mineral Alteration studies indicate the source of hydrothermal
alteration, structural and lineament analysis gives the potential for Mineral accumulation.
RSI use is one of the key methods for understanding the surface and subsurface mineralization:
potential, genesis and quality without drilling. Remote sensing is an important
tool for detecting subsurface mineralization. The detection process involves
the integration of geospatial data from a variety of format and a numerous
sources. Turning Data into Wealth (TDW) presents a stackable system that allows
the: storage, visualization and analyses of geospatial data. This open source
based software solution integrates an extensible geospatial database, visualization
tools, analysis, and metadata handling tools. This system can be deployed from
a USB stick or within a Virtual Machine environment. Preliminary case studies
involving the detection of hydrocarbon seeps, Mineral Alteration, Structural
and Lineament studies will be discussed".
Javed TDW Syed
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Subject: [Ottawa_users] Meeting with Scott about GIS Day and Software	Freedom Day

Hello gentlemen and ladies,

Thanks Javed for having a nice table on the patio of F&F tonight! Scott confirmed the fact that we should be able to use one of the lab in Carleton University. He will have another meeting with people from Carleton around mid August. What would help is for all the people presenting to submit an abstract during the first week of August so that we can help our case. As a reminder, here are the people that will be presenting so far :

Adreeta,  QGIS Customization
Regie,  Balloon Mapping
Richard,  Open Street Map
Fabien,  PostGIS 2.0
Javed,   Opticks
(As it stands today, presentations will happen between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM)

Regarding Software Freedom Day, if people want to do presentations, they are welcome. We encourage presentations that will be different from what will be done during the GIS day.Here are a couple of suggestions that I would have done before. Feel free to add more to the list.

Google Refine, a tool for fast and repeatable data clean-up. (http://code.google.com/p/google-refine/)

R, the statistical software (http://www.r-project.org/)
Open Trip Planner, an Public Transit Trip Planner (https://github.com/openplans/OpenTripPlanner/wiki)

PGRouting, the routing library (http://pgrouting.org/)

For example, I hope I can use R to do a principal component analysis using some data from Ottawa and show a map as an end result to the students. I am open to do something else based on what people want to get involved in. The goal is to show our audience how open source tools can empower them. Regie could also do a talk about the Canopy Tree Project, which is really cool.


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