[Ottawa_users] Minutes of the meeting. September 26th 2013.

Fabien Ancelin fabien.ancelin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 13:12:09 PDT 2013

Hello Folks,

You will find below the minutes of the meeting of September 26th 2013.

*Feedback & Sharing Experiences :*

   - Recap on Software Freedom Day. Small attendance, but the event
   happened. OSGeo Ottawa has been out there and we know have a better idea
   and experience regarding how to organize this kind of event.
   - FOSS4G Nothingam. Andrew, Richard and a couple of other members were
   coming back from FOSS4G 2013, which happened in Nottingham. They shared a
   bit of their experience.

*Future Events :*

   - Andrew has already forwarded an email to all the member about an event
   organized by locationtech on November 4th. For those who didn't receive it,
   here is the link : http://locationtechottawa1.eventbrite.ca/
   - We are looking forwards to being involved in GIS Day. The event will
   be held on Nov 13 at Carleton University. OSGeo Ottawa has forwarded a list
   of the abstracts to Scott. Contact me or Javed if you want to join,

*Projects on the list :*

   - We are considering being able to upload power points and video of the
   demonstration that have been done. I should be creating an OSGeo account in
   the next couple of days where at least the presentation of the SFD will be
   made available.

*Suggestions : *

   - Richard has suggested that we extend the meetings to more topics which
   wouldn't be only related to Open Source, but also to other topics that are
   GIS-related. It is a really interesting topic. The end goal is to have more
   interesting dicussions and reach out to more people. We have several ways
   to do that. The best way in my opinion we would have is to remain the OSGeo
   Ottawa, focused on Open Source, but open the discussion to any kind of
   GIS-related topics during the meeting. I will be creating a thread this
   week so that we can all discuss on that.

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