[Ottawa_users] OSGeo booth at Vision Geomatique 2014

Fabien Ancelin fabien.ancelin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 15:37:58 PST 2014

Hello folks,

I have attached the discussion thread with Daniel Morisette regarding
Vision Geomatique 2014. He was thinking about having an OSGeo booth that
would be manned by people from OSGeo Quebec / Ottawa & LocationTech.

I like the idea, and I would be up for that. Would there be any of you
folks that would be interested? We need to let them know fast, so please,
let me know what are your thoughts... ASAP :)


>From Daniel :

* At our VG2014 meeting this week, one of the question was wether we wanted
to have a booth for OSGeo-Qc-Ottawa/LocationTech. The booth would be free.
I didn't respond yet because in 2012, we had a booth but nobody to man it,
and an empty booth looks much worse on us than none at all. However, with
LocationTech involved and OSGeo-Ottawa local, I suspect we may have more
resources to man a booth. What do you think? The sooner we respond the more
choices we have. Room layout is at
<http://2014.visiongeomatique.com/plandelasalle> Mapgears is taking a booth
on its own, and would like to be neighbour with the OSGeo/locationTech
booth if there is one.*
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