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I shall be there.

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 I apologize for the confusion, apparently I'm lagging a month behind.
 This was regarding our October meet-up Thursday this week.

On 2015-10-13 5:52 PM, Jérôme St-Louis wrote:
 Hi folks,
 A reminder that we'll be having our monthly meet-up at the Fox & Feather this Thursday the 15th, at 7 PM.
 Please RSVP as I will call to make a reservation if many people are planning to come.
 We will be talking about our experience in FOSS4G Seoul, our bid for FOSS4G 2017 which is due next week, and the ICCASU 2015 conference that we will be participating in this month at the University of Ottawa.
 I would also be happy to show you our latest progress with GNOSIS/Ecere/eC including support to deploy as web applications.
 Cheers and see you all on Thursday!
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