[pgrouting-users] SoC OSM import tool

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Thu Apr 2 12:28:18 EDT 2009


I saw your comment on Nestor's project proposal regarding doing a Java 
GUI app. That is an interesting idea.

Can you describe more your thoughts on that?

I have some questions:

Were you thinking a general purpose command line import tool(s), that 
would have a GUI wrapper? or building it all in Java and making the a 

And some concerns:

My experience installing software at client sites is that we should try 
to minimize our technology foot print. While technology footprint is not 
an issue on my development servers, it can be for clients with 
production clusters. So my thinking is that we should be careful and 
think through the implications of adding additional technology stacks.

This also complicates things from the development side as it requires 
resources and experts in multiple vertical stacks and potentially code 
duplication between the various stacks. And installation often becomes 
more complicated, not to mention debugging problems across multiple stacks.

Best regards,

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