[pgrouting-users] How determining a path from two points (X, Y) no node of the graph

Pablo Velazco Villares pvela at uci.cu
Fri Mar 6 12:24:26 EST 2009

Hello colleagues, 

I am starting my work with pgRouting, not work well with road networks.

I need to know if possible or is there some function that supports the analysis of route from fucking X, Y located on or near a given edge.

ie not necesariametente, take into account two nodes or vertices (start or end of an edge)

resuntante require that the path includes only a portion of the edge source or target of the solution ...
thank you all and hope to have been sufficiently explicit ... because I am trying to communicate a complex issue in a strange language

if someone can give me a hand with this, it will be very grateful

Paul Makensen

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