[pgrouting-users] Installing on Windows

Sergio Nistal Calvo serginistal at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 9 13:30:12 EDT 2009

Hi, I'm new with pgrouting and I have a big problem. I posted in the discussion forum but they have not been able to help me, maybe someone in this list can help me. My problem is: 


I'm trying to install pgrouting on Windows Vista and I´m quite lost. I need to calculate the shortest path between two points on a layer of a map called "paths" which I charge from the MapGuide tool (mapguide.osgeo.org) (in principle and if I´m not mistaken with the installation of MapGuide installs the requirements: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, C and C++ compilers (Microsoft Visual Studio), Boost, ...). I tried to install the MinGW-5.0.3.exe but gives me problems. Besides, I was unclear whether it is necessary to install it with MSYS-1.0.11 and pthread-win32-2.7.0, because also in the installation manual does not show anything unpacking pgRouting-1.0_win32.zip. The executable pgRouting-1.0.0.a-0_win32.exe spoken by the previous post is labeled ... Could someone guide me a little? 


Thank you very much and a greeting. 

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