[pgrouting-users] shortest_path_shooting_star() causing pgsql segmentation fault

Anton Patrushev anton.patrushev at georepublic.de
Thu Apr 22 23:06:48 EDT 2010

Hi Ben,

Sorry, i don't know much about how it was compliled for Mac OS X, and
we don't have any Mac here to test.
But there is one thing I can see - you are using vertex ids in
Shooting* function where you should use edge ids instead.

According to your data it should look something like
select * from shortest_path_shooting_star('SELECT gid as id, source,
target, length as cost, x1,y1,x2,y2, rule, to_cost from road',198290,

Of course it shouldn't crash even in this case. I hope KyngChaos can
help us here.


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