[pgrouting-users] Call for vote on [RFC-01] and [RFC-02]

Frederic Junod frederic.junod at camptocamp.com
Mon Apr 26 02:25:51 EDT 2010

Hi all,

+1 for RFC-01
+1 for RFC-02

Sorry for the delay; I was at an unpleasant place the last two weeks [1]

[1] http://www.he.admin.ch/internet/heer/en/home.html

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 7:48 AM, Daniel Kastl <daniel at georepublic.de> wrote:
> Dear designated PSC members,
> I think we have been waiting long enough now to get started with the
> pgRouting PSC.
> So far there haven't been any objections with the two RFC's, so I would like
> to ask you to vote on them.
> Entitled to vote are as of [RFC-01]:
> Anton Patrushev
> Christian Gonzalez
> Ema Miyawaki
> Frédéric Junod
> Stephen Woodbridge
> Venkatesh Raghavan
> [RFC-01] Project Steering Committee
> Guidelines (http://pgrouting.postlbs.org/wiki/RFC/01)
> The intitial PSC members are Anton Patrushev, Christian Gonzalez, Ema
> Miyawaki, Frédéric Junod, Stephen Woodbridge and Venkatesh Raghavan. Anton
> Patrushev is declared initial Chair of the Project Steering Committee.
> [RFC-02] Migrate pgRouting to OSGeo Infrastructure
> (http://pgrouting.postlbs.org/wiki/RFC/02)
> Please vote within four days from now as described in [RFC-01].
> There is a lot to do, so let's get started! The first voter I will treat for
> a beer in Barcelona[1]! ;-)
> Best regards,
> Daniel
> PS: I send this email to every one's email address as well to make sure it
> doesn't get lost in the spam folder. Please reply to the mailing list
> though. Thanks!
> [1] ... or any other OSGeo conference, where we will meet. Anton, you're in
> the same company, so I think you can't win the beer as a matter of fairness
> ;-)
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Frédéric Junod
Camptocamp SA

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