[pgrouting-users] Problem with dijkstra_sp:

Maria Battarra maria.battarra at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 04:41:10 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I would appreciate a lot your help if you could suggest how to fix this:
"dijkstra_sp" function seems not to work :-s. 

I excuse in advance: my knowledge of db and gis systems is very little and
you will have to provide a "pgrouting for dummies" explanation J


I am working with win32, postgresql 8.4, pgadmin 1.10.5, postgis 1.5,
pgrouting 1.03. 


I processed my  shp file in  Openjump  first (I made the edge file planar
and calculated the length of the edges) and then imported it in postgresql
by using this plugin for pgadmin:


I have imported all the pgrouting functions by following these steps:
a03.html (step 2).

I have currently all the postgis and pgrouting functions loaded, a table
with the "the_geom", "gid", "source", "target", "length" fields, as
described in the link above and a table that will contain the results of
dijkstra (steps 5, 6,7,8). 

I get stuck when I call the  "dijkstra_sp" function (step 8).. the error msg


ERROR:  source contains a null value

CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function "dijkstra_sp" line 12 at cycle FOR in an
instruction EXECUTE


Any idea about what went wrong?

Thanks a lot!




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