[pgrouting-users] What is the architecture of pgRouting and how can I make it work faster?

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On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Martin Lee <martinchlee at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Small note: The author of this question is familiar with PostGIS, but is
> not familiar with C language]
> I have a 'ways' table in PostGIS consisting of about 90,000 ways. When I do
> a pgRouting shortest path query it takes about 2,5 seconds to get the
> result.

This is really not many ways. It should be a lot faster.

   - Did you check your tables have indices?
   - Do you use bounding boxes not to load all the data (but in your case
   it's such a small number of ways that even loading all shouldn't take long.)

> I was pretty unsatisfied with it (I would like it to be about 1 second for
> my imagined user) so I tried to do a 'select * from ways' query in psql with
> \timing enabled. It took 3 seconds to respond. When I did 'select name,
> length, x1, y1, x2, y2 from ways' (that is all needed to build a graph in my
> opinion) it took even more - 4 seconds to respond.
> Based on that, I assume that pgRouting's SQL queries are somehow optimized.
> The questions:
> 1. Is it possible to improve the speed of pgRouting queries?

The bottleneck is the number of ways you select from the table.
You can improve your speed by selecting less road links.
Anything else (like routing algorithms for example) might affect calculation
time, but this is only very little compared to the data volume to load.

One thing you could check is how your way ID's look like. Lower ID's are
better, so you may want to renumber them if there are large ID's and large
gaps between them. You can create a new id attribute for that.


> 2. How is the actual shortest path calculation done? Is it anything like
> the following:
> - Load the whole ways/edges table into memory with one 'select * from
> ways';
> - Build a graph from that;
> - Apply a C-based shortest path algorithm to the graph;
> - Return a result into psql server?
> Can any of these steps be improved anyhow?
> Thank you!
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