[pgrouting-users] routing_core_smart problem

Worth Lutz wal3 at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 2 14:26:17 EST 2011

Hi all,


I have found what appears to be a problem in one of the routing_core_smart


In the function locate_point_as_geometry there are two lines which call the
function geometryfromtext.


These functions are called when line_substring returns a point.


In the geometryfromtext function calls, there is no second argument for the
srid.  This produces a geometry with a "-1" for the srid.


When I use shootingstar_smart in my script, MapServer fails on trying to
work with two geometries with different srids.


Adding the second argument to the geometryfromtext function fixed this
problem.  The only geometry with the "-1" srid was the one created by these
function calls.




I hope this helps someone.


Worth Lutz

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