[pgrouting-users] shooting star algorithm in Python?

Roozbeh Bandari yakhmak2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 5 00:18:25 EDT 2011

Dear Sebastian,
You may use SQL connection to call PgRouting methods. We have implemented AStar 
method for finding routes meeting TurnRestrictions. I am suggesting you to take 
a look at OSM (OpenStreetMap) and check their implementation for AStar 
TurnRestricted route finding. They implementation is in Java. Based on theirs, I 
implemented the algorithm in Ruby and it works like a clock (Much more better 
than PgRouting).

Right now, I could not publish the code but I would help you if you face any 

* Roozbeh

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Subject: [pgrouting-users] shooting star algorithm in Python?

Does anyone know any efforts made to write the shooting star shortest path 
algorithm in Python?
Kind regards, Sebastian
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