[pgrouting-users] Inserting Nodes Into a Network

Steve Horn steve at stevehorn.cc
Mon Jan 9 10:05:04 EST 2012

Hello all!

I am creating drive time radii (or isochrones) by allowing the user to
click on a map surface and entering a number of minutes.

Using the driving_distance function in pgrouting I am able to get very
close to a good solution, but it is somewhat limited in that you can only
route from node to node (vertex to vertex). In order to improve the
accuracy, I thought I would try to insert a new node/vertex as close as
possible to the coordinates that my user clicked. That way my start node
would always be as accurate as it can be.

Has anyone done this? I'm not sure I understand the assign_vertex_id
function and how the graph is constructed well enough to come up with a
solution myself.

Any help or direction is appreciated!
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