[pgrouting-users] Rev 2.0 needs more testing

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Sun Jul 14 19:33:37 PDT 2013

Hi all,

pgRouting 2.0 needs more testing. I have two issues related to postGIS 
1.5 that I'm waiting on a server so I can debug it. Otherwise I have 
cleaned up all the known bugs that are reproducable and I have updated 
all the documentation for issues that I noticed during my review except 
some duplication of a few sections.

So I think we are ready to consider pushing another beta or release 
candidate status in the near future. This means the code should be very 
stable, the doc should be in good shape, and we really need people to 
give it a spin and report problems and successes that they find.


1. download and test it

2. review the docs and report back on these (where do we need more info)
    The most current online docs are here:

3. report what platform and versions you used
    select * from pgr_version();
    select postgis_full_version();
    select * from version();

4. report what commands you used

5. report success and failures, open tickets and provide test cases if 
you can, but email to the list is ok too.

No reports means no testing :(
No testing means a poor release :( :(

I appreciate all the private and public notes of support I have gotten 
and I think we are very close to a release.


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