[pgrouting-users] Validity of the pgrouting workshop

Hishan Melanga hishanm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 05:15:20 PDT 2013

Currently I was able to install and import osm data into a routing
database. I can draw the shortes route using Quantum GIS using a query. But
in the workshop website it tells us to create a server side
We do not have to create it since the workshop folder already has it. But
it is not working when I try to run the browser client called
routing-final.html file. Only the map is shown path is not drawn when I put
two markers.

I downloaded the pgrouting source from
I downloaded the workshop from

I also noticed that there is a pgrouting-build and workshop-build folders
in the git hub project. But this "workshop-build" does not contain the old
php "server side script". Is this workshop-build is compatible with the old
workshop or is this workshop-build only compatible with pgrouting-build?

I just want to display the shortest path in the website. Please help me
with this problem.

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