[pgrouting-users] Running test sequeances

sanak geosanak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 03:46:29 PDT 2013

Hi Dave,

You can see test-runner.pl usage by executing following command.
$ cd /path/to/pgrouting-root
$ tools/test-runner.pl -h
RUNNING: test-runner.pl -h
Usage: test-runner.pl -pgver vpg -pgisver vpgis -psql /path/to/psql
       -pgver vpg          - postgresql version
       -pgport port        - postgresql port to use (default: 5432)
       -pgisver vpgis      - postgis version
       -pgrver vpgr        - pgrouting version
       -psql /path/to/psql - optional path to psql
       -v                  - verbose messages for debuging(enter twice for
       -clean              - dropdb pgr_test__db__test
       -ignorenotice       - ignore NOTICE statements when reporting
       -h                  - help

And I use the following commands normally.
$ which psql
$ tools/test-runner.pl -psql /path/to/psql -ignorenotice
* As Stephen mentioned, currently, tsp's last test fail.

The test file specification is here.


2013/7/23 Dave Potts <dave.potts at pinan.co.uk>

> hi
> I am looking at a bug in part of the pgroute software,  I like to be able
> to run the 'test software'
> I found a perl script in pgrouting-develop/tools called test-runner.pl
> Is there any documentation on how to run it?
> I noticed that most of the pgroute software has a test directory, is there
> any information on how to add new a test case or the format of a test case/
> regards
> Dave.
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