[pgrouting-users] How to populate already existing "road_noded_vertices_pgr" table?

Vladimir fl_v at inbox.ru
Mon Aug 25 02:00:52 PDT 2014

 Hi All

I have a road network with appending a new segments sometimes.
Then I copy the new segments into my "road_noded" table and execute 
SELECT pgr_createTopology('roads_noded', 0.1, 'geom', 'id',rows_where:='id > a last id')
for affecting on the new segments only. But this action recreates my "road_noded_vertices_pgr" table completely for the new segments instead of appending the new vertices and referencing them to the new segments.
1) Is pgr_createTopology only for create not for update? Somebody knows other method or some trick?
2) Could I use native Postgis functions (ST_StartPoint,ST_EndPoint etc) in the event if no possibility?

Please, help.
Thanks in advance
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