[pgrouting-users] Wierd results using pgr_kdijkstraPath

AUS - Eyad b00038807 at aus.edu
Wed Dec 17 14:37:19 PST 2014

Hello pgr_Experts,


I'm trying to get all the routes from a source point (i.e. 336) to a group
of target/destination points (located at different edges/ends of
linestrings' network) using the below code:


SELECT seq, id1 as path, id2 as node, id3 as edge, (b.geom) as geom, cost
FROM pgr_kdijkstraPath(

    'SELECT id, source, target, (st_length(geom) * 0.001) as cost FROM

    336, (SELECT array_agg(id) FROM schema.l1_pv1), false, false

  ) a, schema.network_noded b 

WHERE a.id1=b.id


It's resulting a weird de-attached "little" pieces of my original
nodded_network! However, the number of resulted paths is equal to the
target/destination points. Please advise:


1)      What potential mistake I may have committed?

2)      Does it mean that all the calculated travel_cost(s) are wrong (as
they are reflected/represented by wrong linestrings)?


I'm using QGIS 2.4.0 and pgRouting pg93-binaries-2.4.0


I found similar question on this list of pgRouting users, asked by Antonio
last October
), but obviously the question is not answered yet?










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