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Hi Daniel,

Here's an article on the Optimal Meeting Point algorithm:

Essentially, it calculates the node of the network that stands at the
combined shortest distance from a set of given nodes of interest. This is a
typical logistics problem.



<quote author="dkastl">
Hi Luis,

How would you define the optimal meeting point?

There is a driving distance function, which can also return the cost to
each point within a certain distance.
To search for the optimal point of three people for example, you could do
three driving distance calculations and then choose the point, which has
smallest equal distance (cost) for each person.
As always, cost can be distance but also time or whatever you choose as


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> Greetings to all,
> Is there any implementation out there of the Optimal Meeting Point (OMP)
> algorithm based on pgRouting?
> Thank you,
> Luís
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