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Patrick Higgins PHiggins at pkc.gov.uk
Thu Nov 27 03:49:07 PST 2014


Could anyone please tell me if pgRouting has the facility to be able to place a point at a specified distance (e.g. 300m) along a linestring from a point of origin?

The problem summed up:  Which houses/properties are within a 300, or 600m walking distance from a play area, where the walking route follows the pavement/ sidewalk/ established path route, but not through private property?

In the past, a circle of 300/600m radius has been used, but this then includes properties which are in actual fact further than 300/600m walking distance.

The point of origin is a play park centroid.

The linestring could be a single linestring, such as a highway centre line, in which case there would be a single point at 300m along the linestring from the point of origin.

Alternatively, the linestring could be one which after 150m, meets another linestring, a junction heading west, in which case points would be placed on both the original linestring (at 300m) and on the westward one (at 150m + 150m).

It is envisaged that we will use this tool to generate walking distances from woodlands, ponds and so on.

Many thanks
Patrick Higgins

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