[pgrouting-users] Error updating to PgRouting 2.1.0 (Pg 9.3.9, 32bit)

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This might be just a windows packaging issue or you picked up an interim 2.0
when you installed.


I had this issue once, and I think the problem is you were maybe running 2.0
develop which shows as 2.0.0, but really isn't 2.0.0.  It's somewhere
between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0


You can tell because the actual released version have branch master or tag
like this:





Anyway you say you are testing with 9.3 32-bit. I'll look into that to make
sure I didn't mispackage the 2.0.0 on the 9.3 32-bit.


If I didn't then its just you installed the 2.0 package instead of the 2.0.0
package originally.


I don't think any tables actually depend on pgRouting so if you don't have
any SQL functions built on it,  it's safe to just delete pgrouting extension
and reinstall it.


Plpgsql are opaque anyway so the use of pgRouting in them will not force
them to drop when you drop the pgRouting extension.







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Hello list,


I get an error message when trying to update pgRouting from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0
in a Postgresql 9.3.9 32bit database on Windows 7.


ALTER EXTENSION pgrouting UPDATE TO "2.1.0";


ERROR: function pgr_alphashape(text) does not exist

SQL state: 42883


I am using this build of pgRouting -


Currently installed version is:



Was hoping to get:

2.1.0, pgrouting-2.1.0-alpha1, 81, 5fa89b2, develop_2_1_0, 1.58.0



For some context, the pgr_alphashape function currently installed in my
database is:


-- Function: public.pgr_alphashape(text, double precision)

-- DROP FUNCTION public.pgr_alphashape(text, double precision);

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.pgr_alphashape(IN sql text, IN alpha
double precision DEFAULT 0, OUT x double precision, OUT y double precision)


'$libdir/librouting_dd', 'alphashape'


  COST 1

  ROWS 1000;


The new alphashape function to be created looks like this:


CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION pgr_alphashape(sql text, alpha float8 DEFAULT 0,
OUT x float8, OUT y float8)

    RETURNS SETOF record

    AS '$libdir/librouting-2.1', 'alphashape'



Is it best to post these here or should I use Github issues?






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