[pgrouting-users] Error message- isring() should only be called on a LINE

Bistrais, Bob Bob.Bistrais at maine.gov
Mon Oct 5 14:07:27 PDT 2015

I am trying to build a statewide road network for analysis with pgRouting.  I ran pgr_createTopology, and it reported OK.
Next I tried to run pgr_analyzeGraph, and got an error.

Here is the command I input:
SELECT pgr_analyzeGraph('ng_roads',0.0001,the_geom:='geom',id:='gid',source:='sourceroute',target:='targetroute');

And here is the error message:
NOTICE:  Analyzing for ring geometries. Please wait...
ERROR:  isring() should only be called on a LINE
CONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT count(*)  FROM public.ng_roads
                                 WHERE true   AND (true) and st_isRing(st_linemerge(geom))"
PL/pgSQL function pgr_analyzegraph(text,double precision,text,text,text,text,text) line 309 at EXECUTE statement

-What should I do about this?  Can I still perform pgRouting analysis with these roads?
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