[pgrouting-users] pre-release2.5.0-Beta

Vicky Vergara vicky at georepublic.de
Wed Aug 30 10:22:46 PDT 2017

Hello All.
We have moved to PRE-release 2.5.0-beta and It is
ready for testing. (only documentation fixes were done)

You can download

Remember tests have being done also with postgreSQL 10 (beta)

We thank the contributions made by:

   - Vidham Jain - pgr_lineGraph
   - Maoguang Wang - Components Family of functions


pgRouting team

See the pre-release documentation at:http://docs.pgrouting.org/2.5/en/index.html
See the list of closed

Breaking change on:

   - pgr_edgeDisjointPaths:
       Added `path_id`, `cost` and `agg_cost` columns on the result
       Parameter names changed
       The many version results are the union of the one to one version

New Signatures:

   - pgr_bdAstar(one to one)

New Proposed functions

   - pgr_bdAstar(one to many)
   - pgr_bdAstar(many to one)
   - pgr_bdAstar(many to many)
   - pgr_bdAstarCost(one to one)
   - pgr_bdAstarCost(one to many)
   - pgr_bdAstarCost(many to one)
   - pgr_bdAstarCost(many to many)
   - pgr_bdAstarCostMatrix
   - pgr_bdDijkstra(one to many)
   - pgr_bdDijkstra(many to one)
   - pgr_bdDijkstra(many to many)
   - pgr_bdDijkstraCost(one to one)
   - pgr_bdDijkstraCost(one to many)
   - pgr_bdDijkstraCost(many to one)
   - pgr_bdDijkstraCost(many to many)
   - pgr_bdDijkstraCostMatrix
   - pgr_lineGraph
   - pgr_connectedComponents
   - pgr_strongComponents
   - pgr_biconnectedComponents
   - pgr_articulationPoints
   - pgr_bridges


   - pgr_version is now on SQL language

Deprecated Signatures

   - pgr_bdastar - use pgr_bdAstar instead

Renamed Functions

   - pgr_maxFlowPushRelabel - use pgr_pushRelabel instead
   - pgr_maxFlowEdmondsKarp -use pgr_edmondsKarp instead
   - pgr_maxFlowBoykovKolmogorov - use pgr_boykovKolmogorov instead
   - pgr_maximumCardinalityMatching - use pgr_maxCardinalityMatch instead

Deprecated function

   - pgr_pointToEdgeNode


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Salzmannstraße 44,
81739 München, Germany

Vicky Vergara
Operations Research

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Web: https://georepublic.info

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