[pgrouting-users] best/fastest way to calculate thousands of trsp routes

McDonaldR McDonaldR at angus.gov.uk
Fri Jun 16 08:42:54 PDT 2017

Thanks for this, Regina

I finally got around to sorting this all out and your instructions worked perfectly.

Running pgRouting 2.4.1 across the board now.


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To avoid any issues with the upgrade machinery, especially since you are coming from such an old version,  I would do



Doing DROP EXTENSION without doing CASCADE is pretty safe.  It will bail out if any of your tables, views, etc have dependencies on pgRouting functions /types and will tell you what you need to temporarily backup and drop for it to continue.

If you don't have such dependencies (which is usually the case), the drop will run fine.

Now it won't catch things like dependencies within plpgsql functions.  This is fine since the recreate extension should put most / if not all of them back.

This feature also allows you to downgrade. Note that the upgrade machinery doesn't allow downgrading.
I use this approach all the time for quickly swapping between newer and older / older and newer pgRouting versions to spot regression issues.

So to downgrade you'd do


The nice thing is since the dlls in 2.4.1 are versioned (I forget if they were in 2.1.0) and dependencies are the same (you'll want to use the boost and cgal libs from 2.4 since I think the boost and CGAL I ship is newer than what I shipped with 2.1 but downward compatible with older), both versions can coexist on the same PostgreSQL cluster, though you can have only one version installed in any given database.

Hope that helps,

>Vicky Vergara vicky at georepublic.de
> Wed Apr 26 11:37:46 PDT 2017
> Please, save all your tables, views, functions, etc before upgrading,
> is a bug on the upgrading script that hasnt being fix, (recently found
> it)

> On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 3:55 AM, McDonaldR <McDonaldR at angus.gov.uk>

>> Wow! Thanks for that, Regina.
>> I've downloaded the file and will apply it as soon as I can.
>> Most of my pgRouting work has been done on 2.1 so it will be good see
>> how much has changed in 2.4.
>> Ross

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