[pgrouting-users] Housenumbers as multiple stops route with Pgrouting

Matteo Ruggieri matteoruggieri91 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 01:22:33 PST 2020

Good morning,
 As the title says, how do I create a routing with multiple stops?
Currently I have uploaded on Postgis the nodes and edges of the road graph
but I want the stops to match the housenumbers. The ideal work would be to
implement the time windows of each stop and the capacity of the vehicle
(once reached the max capacity, the vehicle must return to a point 0,
resume the route and then complete it). Which is the best algorithm to
solve this problem?

*Here is a small area of housenumbers and nodes (orange points) on QGIS*

[image: Screenshot (6).png]
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