[postgis-devel] lwgeom beta

Ralph Mason ralph.mason at telogis.com
Tue Apr 27 22:12:16 PDT 2004

Paul Ramsey wrote:

> I have genericized the lwgeom makefile as requested.  It is still a 
> pile of schmutz, but we do not have a strategy for integration of the 
> two parts of the distro yet. First step though, some testing of what 
> is there. The lwgeom as it stands should be easily makeable by people 
> on this list, and testable. Probably Dave, we need a README in the 
> lwgeom directory telling people some basic directions for getting 
> lwgeom built (make), installed (alongside postgis), filled with data, 
> and some testing instructions (what constitutes a functioning index, 
> other test suggestions).
> On a tangent, should the lex.yy.c file be in CVS, or is it generated? 
> Things that are generated should not be in CVS, but are often included 
> in final source distributions (configure scripts are a good example).
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Those should be generated  using:

wktparse.tab.c : wktparse.y
    bison -vd -p lwg_parse_yy wktparse.y

lex.yy.c : wktparse.lex wktparse.tab.c
    flex -Plwg_parse_yy -if -o'lex.yy.c' wktparse.lex


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